Growing up in Ireland

For those who don’t me I grew up in Ireland. I lived there for 12 years. Ireland is a very beautiful place to live in. The beauty that surrounds this country is breathtaking. I lived in the Southern part of Ireland. When I lived in Ireland it was a poorer country so I saw a lot of crime. I remember going into Dublin and my dad getting stressed because if you were gone long enough you could come back to your vehicle stipped down completely and sometimes set on fire. Dublin was full of pickpockets back then. Tinkers were homeless people who travelled around in caravans they just camped wherever. They stole and left garbage everywhere they went.

These stone walls are everywhere in Ireland they are just stones stacked to make walls. Throughout the Countryside there are lots of old ruins of castles. Some you can go in some just shells of the ruins. The Countryside of Ireland is so beautiful. Thatched cottages and different coloured homes in each County.

Cathedrals are a huge part of Ireland and they are so beautiful inside. I always loved the unique strained glass windows.

Catholics and Protestants were the religion. I always said I was nothing or you’d be beat up by the kids. I went to a private school near Dublin and there was a Catholic school right beside us. The kids there were taught by nuns and they would wait for us and throw rocks at us and call us names. No religion was safer.

Donegal is so beautiful and my brother and I went to a Garlic camp where we went to improve our Gaelic. Today the people some still only speak Gaelic. I did learn a lot and it was a subject we had to take in school. Donegal is in the West of Ireland.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and now its a huge tourist attraction. There are many sites to see. I remember as a kid Pope John Paul Coming to St. Stephens Green in Dublin. As kids we had no idea what he was saying as he spoke in Latin. I can remember running through people’s legs as they listened to what he said.

This is part of what I’m writing in my memoirs. I’ve not written it yet. I found these awesome photos off the internet. They are not mine. I would love to go back to Ireland one day a lot of my school friends live there still. One of good friends lives there with her husband. There was not much exploration as a kid. I will go back and sightsee. I’ve not been back since 1988 it will have changed a lot. I have 3 siblings who live there as well. God sure has changed my heart as I never wanted to go back. I look forward to that day. šŸ™‚

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