Gaelic camp ( taken from my memoirs )

Peter and I went to Gaelic camp in Donegal which is in the West of Ireland. It is very picturesque and very rugged on the coast of Ireland. Maddie and Russ sent us there to learn more Gaelic. It was a summer camp but I was too young to go, but because Peter my brother was there they made an exception for me. He was supposed to keep an eye on me. The kids at the camp were so much older than I was and I was bullied lots. The older girls made me do things I didn’t want to do but if I didn’t they threatened to beat me up. I already was a sacred nervous child so I just did what they wanted. I was pushed off a ledge outside into a bed of nettles and I was covered in welts. I had to sit with Calame lotion it made your skin white when you put it on. It felt better in the welts. I didn’t dare tell anyone what had really happened.

I did tell Peter but he was busy with the people he had met. He didnt have time for me and did not want me hanging around him. Besides that happening I loved being there and the girls stopped bugging me after the nettle incident. Maybe it was a test who knows. We were expected to speak Gaelic whenever we ate our meals. If you wanted someone to pass you something you had to speak it in Gaelic. I can remember asking for butter which is im. Ara’n is bread and Stobhach is stew.

Whenever we went in the local shops a lot of the locals still just speak Gaelic we had to speak the language. The locals would not speak to us in English that’s tough when your a small timid kid. Also hard when they told you the price in Gaelic so you would just give them money.

Donegal is known for its surfing, fishing, rock climbing and hiking. There are huge cliffs that are breathtaking. It’s nicknamed the forgotten county because of its isolation. The cliffs of Mohor are the largest sea cliffs in Europe. Donegal is the home to Star Wars it was filmed in Ireland. Also its famous for its tweed. Hand weaved.

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