First week of school

This week was my first week of school since the end of January this year. I’ve been out of school for 8 months. I was nervous about going back because I had not been in so long. I was put in the same school for 3 weeks which is nice. My job because I don’t have a permanent job is on call and that can mean a different school each day. Was not sure how that would work with Covid. I got put in a school right near my home. It’s also a school where I know a bunch of the students because where I worked before. A lot of them where in my preschool.

I had a busy job this week I was in two 4/5 split classes and then for 45 minutes a day I helped a child with autism. I got chosen to work with him because of my resume. It’s a child not just anyone works with him. I loved working with him so much and he’s such a happy child. I’d never worked with a child that had this much autism. Even though he was in his own world a lot, I quickly realized he heard what I asked him. One of my favorite times was after his lunch playtime his class read books. I read him a Dr. Susse book. It’s funny one day I started where I had left off the day before and he quickly put me back at the beginning. He’d sit and I’d read to him for 15 minutes. At first I was really nervous about working with him but he quickly responded to me and I Could tell he liked and trusted me.

The other children were really sad today that it was my last day. In a week I got to know them. A great group of children and I had an amazing teacher that made my days so much better. I loved how she made each child feel really special and how she included each of them. She told me that why I connected so easily with the children is because I have compassion from my heart and so I connect with each of them. I told her that’s how you teach. At the end of school today she told me how much she’d miss me and the children were all sad. I did tell them that in the Spring I will come back and do a baby bunny project with them. I hope on one of my Fridays I can go back and sub there.

As I’ve written before I love working with the children so much. I realized why I work as an EA. Everyone of those children are someone special and unique no matter who they are. God has given me huge compassion for them. The boy with autism I just treated him like everyone else. Next week I start a new job working as an Early childhood educator in a Kindergarten. Early intervention is key to helping children. That is my new role, I look forward to getting to know two classes. I will miss my big kids but looking forward to being with the young ones again.

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