Reconizing trauma in others

I never thought I’d ever say this in my entire life, but I’m glad if I had to experience trauma in my life, that I could recognize it in others. I always knew I was very observant and in tune with people and children. I reconize the signs of stress and anxiety. This insight is helping me so much in my job. This week I learned that if a person has not experienced some sort of trauma in their life, how can they see it in others. It can be missed so easily and if it is then how can we help the people we work with.

My experiences help me pinpoint areas that I can give insight into. I’m glad that I can help others. Trauma effects so much of our lives that can impact one, for the rest of their lives. If it is missed then it’s a crucial part of someone’s life. I don’t usually tell people but I spoke up yesterday and said I have knowledge and experience with trauma. I’ve seen many children struggle with different things in places I’ve worked in my life.

I can tell many things about people and children I meet. I can tell from how they act / behave. Having PTSD I see the fight, flight or freeze methods of coping. I see the avoidance of tasks that seem overwhelming. I see the ones who fight because that’s all they know how to do. Fighting is a survival skill. I see hunger and how hard it is to concentrate on anything let alone sit still and listen. I feel sadness and despair in my heart. That’s why I am so compassionate and have so much empathy. I’m glad God has me just where I need to be. That’s why I’m really good at my job. I understand, where some just don’t. They have not been there all they have is worldly ways of looking at things. That’s why I’m so glad when working with people there is a team of people not just one person. Then something as important as reconizing trauma is not missed.

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