Young children are funny

The children at school crack me up often they are funny what comes out of their mouths. Last week we were standing in a line to go outside and one of the kids said his eye brows were tired. 🙂 The children are excited because Halloween is on Saturday and so we’ve started doing Halloween fun things. Today we did Halloween math with pumpkin erasers, ghost ones, bat’s and witches. They had to count them. Then they had to create stories with their erasers. One of the boys his story was cute. He said one day there was pumpkin and his friend the ghost came by and oh now there’s a witch. Other stories were it is Halloween👻🦇 out rolled the pumpkin🎃 and it sacred the ghost👻 and then the witch came to put a spell on him.

I love the innocence of young children they find things outside that we would just cast off as nothing and create things. Today the kids were out making soup with chestnuts, grass and plants. Lego can quickly be turned into pumpkin soup. I love the curiosity of the children and how when we read a story they ask what different words mean. I love to hear they laugh at funny things they do. One of the girls made a heart with her Lego pieces and said it was for her teacher and me.

I really love working with these children it’s such a great place to be. I love that I can help them learn and grow and just be there for them when they need me. They have big emotions for being so young. Coming up I get to take a communication course with two of the other kindergarten teachers to build the bridge between me and the teachers on how best to support our children. Young children are the best. Everyday I learn something from them and they keep me laughing. My job is the best. ❤️

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