The elderly……

The hardest thing about the pendemic is our elderly that are in care homes. It seems like they have been forgotten. Since the virus they have been shut in their homes and not allowed visitors. The biggest highlights of their days was visiting with their loved ones. My grandpa is one of these people. My Grandpa is an amazing man. He’s almost 104. I feel so sad about what is happening with him. It’s not just him it’s many of our loved ones. I understand the protocols and they are the most vulnerable.

Not having those weekly visits or when they happen they have to be far away from their loved ones. My grandpa has dementia and he doesn’t understand and faces and touch are so important to him. As I write this out it breaks my heart. I love my grandpa so much it’s hard enough I can’t visit but my parents have said it’s so difficult. My dad has dementia but because it’s his dad my mom was not allowed in for a long time. My grandpa only reconizes them both together and now they have to wear masks and it frightens him. He no longer can walk so he is in a wheelchair and he often yells help and gets really agitated and now lately says he just wants to die.

They now have him on zoom but unless someone is with him he just falls asleep. He also does not understand the whole video thing. He gets so overwhelmed. As I sit here this morning reflecting on all of this, I realize there are many out there who are separated from their loved ones.

One of my friends in the US wants to take their mom out of their care home so she can spend time with her family. Like my grandpa we don’t have that choice. I pray often for him. At almost 104 he already has accomplished so much in his life. This is the second pendemic he’s gone through. He also survived the Spanish influenza pandemic.

I also can’t visit my mother in law I’ve not seen her in a long time because I’m not allowed to visit her where she lives. I hope this pendemic is over soon so that we can see our loved ones again and hang out with family we can’t see now. So much isolation, so much despair. As numbers rise here I’m praying that we don’t have to go back under lock down. As always God has this all under his control. I guess we wait and see what happens.

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