Taking life for granted

The last couple of days has been very interesting. I realized today that no matter what is happening that I cannot take life for granted. Life is a gift from God and that we must use it wisely. Why are we on this earth? I Believe God uses our circumstances and our pasts to help others. I don’t believe in coincidences only God instances.

Tuesday night I started to feel under the weather so I went to bed earlier. I woke up on Wednesday feeling really off and under the weather. On Thursday I was thinking it was my divitulitis back again. After talking to doctor on the phone I had a bunch of symptoms especially chills that he told me to get a covid test.

Today I went and had the test done. It’s a really easy test and it’s done in 10 secs. It’s like having water up your nose like when you go swimming. Even though I knew I didn’t have Covid, this scared me a lot. It made the virus really real to me. I read the sheets I was given about where you had been and if your positive who you’ve been around in the two days before your symptoms. It made me realize that I could be putting a whole bunch of people at risk including those in school.

I now understand a lot more about the virus in these two days. I’m thankful that my test was negative so grateful. That’s where I realized not to take life for granted. I must continue the plan God has for my life. Everyday I help others at school or I can share about my past and my difficulties I used to have, but no longer have. There are so many hurting people out there in our world. Someone who understands goes a long way. There is freedom out there. Reach out for it today. ❤️

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