What every hope is looking for


This is an online conference with many different speakers. The one I would like you to listen to is the very first video from Kim Meeder. She’s my really good friend and mentor. I love this video so much because it shows you what the ranch is all about. This is the ranch many of you have heard me talk about and in this video you can see what they do at the ranch. This video is about Hope which we all can use especially in these times.

These mountains are the ones that you can see from the ranch and the cover photo of my blog is the view of the ranch up at the cross. Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is a ranch that rescues horses and teams them up with children. It’s my happy place to be. I had hoped this year I would go and visit but not with Covid. So I wait patiently until that time comes again.

Kim has an amazing testimony and I hope that each of you will listen to what she has to share with us. It’s very encouraging and gives us hope. Her stories remind me of my own life and where God has me at this time. The last story she shares in the video about the dog with the 6 inch arrow found in his body that been there for 4 months. The wound would not heal it continued to seep and now it was hindering how the dog walked. This reminds me of sin in my life. Unless you get it cut out by God, it will hinder you in all you do in your life. It continues to grow and fester and seep. It can not be healed unless you surrender it to God. It needs to be brought into the light. Light that is shone on a sin, lessens the power and grip it has over you.

The arrow that was in Dakota was removed no wonder this dog had so many problems all these months but it also shows me that that this dog was not giving up even after someone had tried to kill it. The dog wanted to live and now had a new life rescued from its abuse. I love that we too can be rescued from whatever hinders us in our lives. What are the arrows we have in our lives? They stop our growth….. Surrender yours today.

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