I admire teachers

I had no idea how hard teachers work until I became part of a classroom. They have to juggle all the pieces of their class. Today I was in charge of my class for about 45 minutes. The teacher checked in as she was out in the hallway. I was doing pretty well. Some of the children were drawing in their books, others had their story boxes and the others were reading. Then it slowly started to unfold and then sometime said something that hurt someone else. Then there was tears and high emotions. I had to stop writing in the children’s books and deal with the conflict. The teacher came back and she’s amazing she listens to each child and then again reminds them that we don’t say we are not your friend as it hurts feelings so much. The children really respond to her.

Afterwards I told the teacher in my room wow how do you juggle all of this everyday. I remained calm throughout all of it. She just smiled and said a lot of practice. Teachers tend to get a lot of grief but they sure work really hard to meet the needs of their children. For teachers it’s not just about teaching, it’s about having compassion and understanding. The lady I woke with has a huge heart for her children. I love it because that’s how I am with the children. ❤️

Teachers have not always been were I would want them to be. In Ireland the teachers there seemed like drill sargents. They would hit you on the hand with a ruler or one teacher would throw the blackboard eraser at you if they got mad. I had my head banged on the table. Not all teachers were like that. Mrs. Baker she was the school Librarian and she saved my life with giving me any bills I wanted to read. I loved her so much. I reached out to her a year or so before she passed away and thanked her for all she had done for me in my life. She was my hero. An amazing woman.

When I moved from Ireland to Canada the teachers in my high school were awesome and caring and understanding. They came to my rescue when I was being bullied. My guidence counselor he put a stop to it. I trusted him and he helped me out a lot in my school years. The teachers at this school worked so hard to give me extra help to help me graduate.

Who knew that a shy kid who had never been challenged in her life and who struggled in school so much, could now be able to write with love and compassion about topics that are important to her. I love writing so much it’s like a nessitity in life. I so appreciate all of my readers. Thank you for following me.

Next time you hear about teachers and someone is complaining about them. Think about how hard they work everyday to give their students the best they can.

One thought on “I admire teachers

  1. As in other careers, there are good teachers, decent teachers, and teachers that shouldn’t be in the classroom. I’m afraid the former are being encouraged to leave, and many have done so, while the latter are becoming more common place. It’s heartening you’ve found good teachers, but the system is vetting for the latter.


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