My grandpa Dec 31st 1915 – November 29th 2020

My grandpa Jack was born in 1915 He survived the Spanish flu. He was 3 years old when that happened and he survived our pendemic now as well. Jack was a survivor. He was a Jock so he was good at everything and was very active in his life up until a couple of months ago. Jack owned his own restaurant in Winnipeg and my step dad Barry grew up around his restaurant and his dads coffee shop. There is a menu in my parents home that came from the restaurant. It’s amazing the prices of the food. Next time I go I will take a photo of it. I often hear stories about the restaurant. Everyone who lived in that town knew Jack and his restaurant. The coffee shop had a place to sit down and they had the best ice-cream sundae’s.

Jack and Mollie were well known in Fort Rouge for their family business, Ellett’s
Restaurant from 1950 till they retired to Victoria in 1979. Jack started in the
restaurant business in 1937 with the Leland Coffee Shop, later building his own
restaurant, Ellett’s, in 1950. Jack’s life always centered around family, exercise and
work, always wishing he had more time for the first two. Out of necessity much of
his life before retirement was spent working. However, as busy as he was, he would
always manage to spend time with us swimming, waterskiing and going for boat
rides on the river. He loved his family and he loved to laugh. He was always
moving…walking, working in the yard. One of Jack’s favorite things to do in his later
years was to listen to his music.

When grandpa Jack turned 100 years old he got a letter from the premier of Canada and a letter from the Queen. Jack loved love so much and he had the best sense of humor. As you can tell from all his photos he was always happy and smiling. He loved people and people loved him.

He loved gardening and when he still lived in his home his garden was like Butchart gardens. I would tease him about it. When his wife Molly was alive she had a greenhouse and always had lots of plants on the go. They had lots of fruit trees as well. I often went home loaded down with fruit. Molly had a green thumb. Her favorites were her rose bushes. Both of them loved animals and had a black and white cat named Cinder. After Molly Jack got a dog he rescued named Grace.

Jack loved walking and walked up until 2 months ago when he could not do it anymore. If you ever walked with him he’d leave you in his dust and you’d have to run to keep up to him. One day Larry and I went for a walk with him with his dog. We literally ran almost the whole way and he kept asking us why we couldn’t catch up to him. He thought that was really funny. Every time we went for a walk or should I say a run. He beamed as we struggled to keep up to him.

Another great thing about my grandpa was he was the best ping pong player you’d ever seen. He killed all good players with how fast and skilled he was. Even at 95 he always won. He had a table in the basement of his house. His moves were amazing. Every time he won he joked about us losing.

When he could drive no longer he gave me his pride and joy his car. I drove that car with my head held high. I was so sad when I had to sell it as it for harder and harder to start. Jack loved boating and brought a zodiac and he used to go full tilt everywhere he went. There is no slow speed with that man.

I loved this man so much. He is the best and the grandpa that I spent the longest with. My first Christmas I met my mom and step dad for the first time. I met him and Molly and from day one they excepted Paul and I into their family. We saw them every Sunday we would go for dinner. He’s my grandpa through and through. I have so many funny stories and great memories of him. I will miss you so much. I already do. I love you so very much grandpa. ❤️

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