The sound of Laughter….

The last two days we have had more snow then we are used to seeing. I think snow is just what we needed to help us continue on in the pendemic. The best thing about this snow was the sound of Laughter. Children and adults had fun. The snow brought joy to a world that hides their smiles behind their masks. Laughter is not a sound that we have heard lots of lately. Adults could have fun with their children and really spend quality time together.

One of my favorite things to hear is children laughing. The snow brought out so many people. Every hill had someone on it. Children and adults dusted off those toboggans and hit the hills. Garbage bags were used, anything that could be used to sled. I saw people out with their skii’s. In all the wonder the snow brought that peaceful lull that comes with the fall. Dogs were barking, my dog searching for his ball he lost. He bounded across the deep snow.

I saw many snowmen made with different colored scarves and hats. The snowman in the park across the street from my house had a traffic cone on its head. For two days the city stood still and people enjoyed life. For that time it was like there was no pendemic. 😎⛄❄️It gave people hope.

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