Trusting God no matter what……

Wow what a week indeed. I came off a weekend with my dad so already was feeling tired from that. I was tested and challenged so much this week. Tuesday I was laid off from my position at school because there was not enough children enrolled this year in school so cuts were huge and deep and it’s effected lots of us. My dream job for now is coming to an end the end of June. Then my housing is all up in the air because I’ve had cheap rent for a long time and it ends in June. I’m hoping that my landlord will see how well I look after his home on my own. I hope he takes into consideration that on my Christmas vacation I pumped water out of good basement for about 14 hours in total. I’m not sure how many tenants would do that.

Even though my job is ending those who got laid off will be the first to get positions at schools. I will go back to being an EA hopefully in a kindergarten class. I did find out that when the funding comes back then I can come back to my position I have now. So that’s good. There will be a job at my school but it’s only if I have enough senority it’s a mat leave. No matter what happens I trust that God will look after me and put me just where I need to be. On Thursday at school at lunch recess I was outside and two bald eagles flew around me and the children for about half an hour. It was very awesome. Anytime I’m worried or feel stressed God always sends me bald eagles and each time I feel that surreal peace that only comes from Him. I realized seeing two for me meant that both situations He’s got them in His hands. Since then I’ve felt so much better. I’ve been worried about other things as well but I know all I have is to Trust the Lord with them all.

Do you turn to God when you feel stressed or worried? Does God show himself to you through birds, rainbows etc. Does God bring people into your life that help you when things are uncertain? What kind of things help you in times of uncertainty?

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