I recently took a course about resilience in young children. It was a fascinating online course. I’m always fascinated about this topic. They talked about how our children express their feelings through human connection. Children who don’t feel safe do not express themselves. Instead they feel stirred up and frustrated. Their brains become hijacked by their big emotions. When children express big emotions they want us to know we are there for them. What is the message a child hears when we rub their back for comfort? When we reassure them when they are afraid or feel anxiety? Or tells them that I’m here for you. Children then trust which creates resilience. Sensitive children need more assurance and In attachment they learn to lean on us. Relisence is created in managing difficulties. It’s built overtime.

Today I learned that my friend who suffered a brain anyrusum 87 days ago she was told that she may not survive it. People said no. God said yes that her life was worth fighting for. This has been so hard for her learning how to do the basic of things we all take for granted so much. She’s beat the odds and continues every day to get stronger. Her family wrote that sometimes every step is so painful.

Lici is so resilient from her the difficulties of just normal life. Apparently she’s more funnier then ever and she’s a hoot before. Good is using what happened to her to help people see that yes we still can see miracles. He’s using every part of her story to help those who don’t Believe in Him. Lici is an amazing woman who had already endured so much already.

I have much resilience in my life with all the difficulties I have endured. When things were really tough I had to work harder then anyone to get to where I needed to be. I never gave up no matter what. I believe that’s why when things get hard with me I hate it yes but I continue on with my journey. I also Believe sharing our stories with others helps encourage and helps people move forward in their lives.

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