I’m so blessed……

I’m going to see a new counselor today she asked me what was I going to blog after I saw her. I decided to write about my stepdad. As I’ve written before he’s a very special man I’m my life. He’s been a dad to me way more than my real dad. He’s protective of me like a dad should be for his daughter. I came to the realization today as I was talking about him that his dementia as it progresses one day he may not know who I am. I see my mom grieving the loss of her husband. It’s really hard on her.

For now I love going and hanging out with him on weekends. We have fun together and laugh. I just embrace our time together and make it the best I can. The last time I was with him he was so excited to tell me I should go swimming with him after breakfast in the Red River. As a boy he used to swim in the Red River. He tells me about his house he grew up in and the name of the street. I google it and yes sure enough his home he talks about is right near the river. He talks to me about their cottage by the lake and helping his dad in his restaurant. My grandpa Jack died last year a month before his 105th birthday.

After we finish breakfast Barry has forgotten what we talked about, forgotten his memories as a child until something sparks out and it comes back. I cherish every moment with him. When it’s really difficult for him, I patiently wait and reassure him. I pray for him often. One of our favorite things to do is to walk the beach. We find rocks that stand out to each of us. I have a special dish to put them outside on my deck. When I put water in them the rocks ams shells change color. My dad has the best sense of humor and often makes me laugh. We laugh about the craziest things. I feel so blessed to spend this time with him. I love this man so very much. ❤️

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