Trusting God

It’s been a rough couple of months for me. I’m one week I found out that my house was being sold and that my job I loved so much I was being laid off from at the end of June. It rocked me hard. Ok God if you are going to shake up my life couldn’t you do it one thing at a time. I realized that God was opening the door for me to move. At first I didn’t want to I love it here but the more I looked at it I realized I needed to move. This was mine and Larry’s home and living here had been really hard for me. A lot of hard times. It also would be easy to expensive for me to stay here and I’m tired of mowing a lot of lawn, and looking after a home it’s to much for me.

Within a week I found a place just down the road from where I am now. It’s a lot smaller but it’s just prefect for Zeke, me and my new rabbit Winston. It’s right by the creek and my new landlords are so awesome. I’m so excited to move at the end of July or mid August.
Today I was called up to the principals office and he asked me did you hear the good news. He told me that my job had been reinstated. It is the same amount of hours that I have now and I get to stay in my school. Wow I was totally stunned because I was told that my program would not be running until next year. I know only God could have orchastred this. This is like winning the lottery.

I just had to trust that everything that seemed so upside down would fall into place. I left it all up to God and trusted that I would work at the place He wanted me to be at.
Last weekend I saw 8 bald eagles I knew it all would be ok. God would look after me and indeed He did. I so appreciate all of your prayers. Thank you 🧡

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