Standing up for injustice

I’ve been really quiet on here lately. I now need to speak what is on my heart. June has been a really tough month for my indigenous friends. At the beginning of June 215 bodies of indigenous children were found in unmarked Graves at a resendetial school in Kamloops. Some were as young as 3 years old. It rocked my community and I was just horrified. I can’t even imagine one having my child taken from me and put in these schools and the abuse and horror that happened including the deaths of these children. I can’t even fathom how the families felt and then not having them returned to them. It was hard enough to hear about this.

Last week in Saskatchewan they found 751 more children buried in unmarked Graves. I feel so sick in my soul that this could even have happened. I have listened to live posts and interviews of one of my indigenous friends. Her family went to residential schools. The truama they have to face again with knowing what happened to those around them. I love Tina ‘s family they speak out and share their painful stories so that I and many others can be educated on what happened. She’s encouraged her non indigenous friends to speak out so that this changes and that there is no more predijous about indigenous people.

I feel numb today. I’ve cried many tears and I can’t stand injustice for anybody. God has given me heart for all people and a voice to stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves. I pray that with all these deaths and I’m sure there are many more that we add Canadians do not forgot this tragedy that our children do not forget either and that those who did this are held accountable. Tina’s uncle spoke in an interview and he said it’s not just our government, its not just the church but it’s also the RCMP.

This injustice needs to stop and indigenous people need to be treated like everyone else not excluded for who they are. They need to have the same rights you and I have. I pray for the families that lost children and for their communities as they grieve also the reminder of those resential schools. I pray for healing for each of them. Educate yourselves on this if you don’t know and I will continue to hear those hard painful stories. Keep speaking out we need to know.

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