Healing slowly from the past

I’m doing a really hard thing right now at my house. I’m moving from a home where I have lived for the past 13 years. It was my house with my husband and a year and a half ago he went to the US. I did not go with him, because this is my home and I already went to NC for five years and my family need me and this is my home. It was an adjustment for me but then I have so much support here with my friends and family and an awesome job. I’m now super happy on my own. I have a labradoodle and in a couple of weeks will be getting a unique rabbit. He’s a mini plush lop. I can use him as pet therapy in my school. The children at my school loved my rabbits I brought in for them to love and hug. Rabbits are such good therapy for both children and adults.

Sorting through lots of memories have been really hard for me. I kept everything, every photo, every card and every journal I’ve ever written. Painful memories of people who were in my life and left. People who are my friends now that I’ve not seen in a long time. Good memories and then ones that bring me pain to remember them. I feel sad that my marriage ended. I imagined when I got married it would be forever.

My marriage was difficult for a long time I tried so hard to make it work but it never seemed enough. Now he’s been gone for over a year and a half I see where God had His hand in everything in my marriage. Throughout the really tough times He was always there protecting me. As I worked on myself in counseling I now see that even through the pain I can heal from this as well. It’s hard sifting through the memories but I’m exactly where I need to be in my life. When my husband left I felt that not only had a lost him but his children as well. That was really hard to swallow. I still get to chat to one of them and God will use this for His good as well.

Even though it’s hard I’ve been feeling peace about it all and I’m looking forward to moving into my own place. A place to start out fresh with no bad memories in it. God is healing my heart and He uses our stories to help others. I’m excited to see what is ahead for me.

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