Relationships come in all different shapes and sizes. You have people in your life your closest to or others that are acquaintances. As people we have to figure how each person who is in our life or comes into our lives fits into it. I recently wrote a post about being singled out. I since removed it because I didn’t want it to look like I was gossiping about the situation. I realized through out all of this that our family does not have to be super close to us. If it is then that’s awesome.

I still like the friendship ring where you put people in your life close to you or further away. The people further away can’t give you what you want on life and that’s ok because you have people close to you that can meet those needs. I always thought that family was supposed to be close with each other and have fantastic relationships. Maybe that’s the fairy tale family. I recently had to put my family further out on the ring and since doing that my expectations have been lowered and I don’t get frustrated or upset with things my family does. They cannot give me what I had expected all those years.

As I sit here pondering about it, I realized that that’s the relationship that God wants with each of His children. He wants us to lean solely on Him. We can never be satisfied with earthly relationships only God can meet all of our needs. So next time your frustrated about a relationship in your life maybe use the friendship ring. It really helps to put people in perspective. For me it’s brought huge peace I can still have a relationship with them but it looks different and that’s ok.

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