4 years of Sobriety

Such a great accomplishment is having four years of sobriety. Addiction no matter what is is can make you feel like you have no control over your life. For me addiction used to be a big stronghold in my life. Now I walk in healing and freedom. I’m so Thankful for all the people who have stood by me and encouraged me and helped me move forward. There are so many people but of all I’m so thankful that I had God to lean on in times of trouble. Just because I’m sober now does not mean that bad things still happen. They do and life can be tough at times but the longer your sober the more skills you have to stay that way.

After the day I forgave my dad and stepmom up in the high desert with a good friend of mine I’ve never looked back. God healed my heart he healed my soul. Living in freedom is the best feeling ever. I no longer hold hatred in my heart. I try to love others how they want to be loved. Now when things get hard or rough I turn to God and pray and read the word. I talk to people whom I trust and I work it out.

If you find yourself battling an addiction you are not alone. It may seem dark and useless I’ve been there many times. There is hope and redemption through Christ and healing. Reach out to someone you trust today.

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