New school year…..

On Tuesday I start school again. I can’t wait I’m so ready to get back into the groove of school. I love my school and all the teachers. I love that we get fresh new faces. Kindergarten children are the best. I learned so much from the children we had last year. It’s funny when I do groups of children when they don’t know you they are so quiet and almost scared to participate. I have a great sense of humor so I joke around with them and then it’s amazing how laughter makes them feel more comfortable.

Some of the greatest times I had getting to know the children was sitting out on the bench outside. They are called buddy benches. I have a rock that changes color when it’s warmed up in a child’s hand. It’s a heart rock and it helps the children feel special and helps them when they are sad. I’d sit out with them they would hold the rock and I would ask them questions. Kindergarten children love talking about themselves so they would forgot about whatever they were sad about. I also got to know them as well. They then would come to me outside if they needed help. I am very observant so when I would find a child just sitting on their own I would seek out people to play with them.

As an Early childhood educator I spent lots of time getting to know each child and helping them form relationships so then pretty soon they felt comfortable with their peers. School can feel intimidating to a child but it’s similar to preschool in many ways. I’m working with two teachers this year they both have no EA’s in their class. I’m looking forward to helping them with the children they have and doing my small groups. I can’t wait to see how this year will be with our new children. Kindergarten is fun. God uses me in so many ways at school not just with the children but also with the teachers. I encourage the teachers around me because they work so hard and they love encouragement like anyone else.

I can’t wait to see the Grade One’s. I have missed the children who were in our classes last year. I love that I get to see them out in the playground. I bet they have grown up so much this summer. I know God will use me this next year as well. I can’t wait.

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