Devoted loyalty part 2

Yesterday I wrote about Zeke and his devoted loyalty to me. Today I’m writing about the devoted loyalty that we experience from having Christ in our lives. Similar to what I wrote about Zeke is exactly how it is when we have relationships with Jesus. He loves us more than we can ever imagine. He stands in the gap for us and He protects His relationship with us. He’s with us thriving thick and thin and He wants a relationship with us. With Jesus He wants the same for us and that peace I feel in my life is His Eternal gift. When I’m walking side by side with Him He’s got me in the Palm of His hands. When I feel lonely, abandonment, rejection, unwanted or any of those feelings. I turn to the Lord and He brings that eternal peace to my life.

God protects us from all that is out to get us and he’s extra protective of His children. I had forgotten until my Aunt reminded me today that my life has been under attack since I was a little girl. She reminded me that when I was really little I had really serious pneumonia and almost died. Again God reached out and healed me and helped me live. Throughout all the challenges in my life when people tried to take me out and then when I tried to end my life God kept me alive. He has had a purpose for me since day one and I love the passion I have in my life for people that can’t stick up for themselves. I’m their voice especially those precious children.

That is why sharing our stories with others is so important. Our stories help others. It gives them Hope and Encouragement so those with tough stories like mine can start to heal and forgive. Forgiveness is the key to healing those broken parts of our lives. The only way I could ever be so far in my life is because of Christ. I love Him with all my heart He’s the love of my life. So as much as I love my dog I love Christ so much more.

I recently shared my story with a complete stranger on the phone she was asking me questions about my life and who I was. Only people closest to me know my story and this woman who I did not know she was filled with compassion and caring. As I was able to share bits about my life I know she appreciated it and told me when I ever write my book she will buy a copy of it. You never know when you share your story who you will touched by it. God uses it for His glory. ❤️

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