Devoted loyalty

I learned a valuable lesson this week about loyalty. It took a wise woman to show me the truth of what I had sitting in front of me. Many of you know I own a almost 5 year old labradoodle. Zeke is a very sensitive dog who knows exactly how I’m feeling and from day one has stood by my side. Through a very hard emotional abusive marriage he stood beside me and protected me when I needed him the most. He loved me unconditionally.

I have PTSD so that makes my emotions huge sometimes and Zeke knows when that happens he needs to beside me even more. Not only is Zeke loyal, intuitive, and smart he’s there for me no matter what. Zeke is often perceived in the world as unfriendly, not a dog you could trust or very high needed dog.

After my golden retriever died I wanted a very different dog from her. A couple of years later Zeke came into my life. I’ve never had a labradoodle before but fell in love with him since day one. He and I have gone through a lot together through thick and thin. A lot of labradoodles love people lots and will run up to them to get attention. Zeke is reserved he needs to figure out who these people are but when he does he’s your best friend for life. The people who know Zeke in my life love him so much.

The whole time I’ve owned him I’ve been told he’s to much for me to handle and that I should rehome him my family and now my friends. Concerned that Zeke takes up too much time in my life, he’s to needy. My wise friend reminded this weekend that the reason Zeke is back to being so protective is because we moved from the only house he knew. He’s stressed and I’ve been unsettled because this move even though it’s good for both of us is a reminder that my marriage is over. It’s been an adjustment. I got in my head this weekend and thought that rehoming Zeke would be the best for everyone. Now my friends are telling me that but Claire she reminded me that he’s doing that because he’s so intuitive in my feelings. Also he’s been there for me through thick and thin and I now need to do the same for him. Claire shared many insights with me about Zeke and I. Some I had not even considered and I already knew before her email there was no way I was going to give him up without a massive fight.

Zeke is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. It seems that things I love leave my life or they walk away. Abandonment is huge in my life and the one thing that is constant is Zeke. I’m not listening to people who do not understand the bond Zeke and I have. Zeke is my therapy dog. We will get through this transition like every other we’ve been through. Since changing my attitude towards him I have noticed he’s different as well. When I relaxed he does as well. Thank you Claire for showing me what I had in front of me. Zeke you and I will continue this journey together. Love you buddy 🐕‍🦺❤️🙂

One thought on “Devoted loyalty

  1. Sarah, you light Zeke’s life as he provides yours with solid support. The relationship you two have is special and not everyone is able to see or appreciate what it is. Neither Zeke nor you will be complete without the other. You both lean on and support one another. Your hearts beat together as one.

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