This weekend in Canada it’s Thanksgiving here. I love this time of year so much to be thankful for. In the night the fog rolls in and it’s cooler outside. The leaves are changing colors yellows, reds and oranges. Autumn walks through the leaves that crunch under your feet when you walk through them. Leaves piled up high for children to jump and hide in. Sweaters and fires cracking in the fireplaces. Warm blankets to cozy up with and your favorite books on rainy days. Good food with family and friends. Laughter filling the air with turkey and pumpkin pies.

This year I’m so thankful that my job was continued at my school. It’s changed a bit for now but I love teaching, using laughter and helping this children learn and grow. My job is the best even if tough sometimes. Yesterday one of our kindies said that he was so angry that he was on fire. Ha ha kids say the darnest things. I’m so thankful for the teacher I get to work with. Her heart and soul are with those children. She’s really listening to how they feel about certain things and is not rushing them. She’s meeting their needs not her own. I love her calm way she is with every child. I’m blessed.

I’m thankful for my family and that I can hang out with my dad when my mom needs respite care for her. I love my dad so much. Dementia is hard to watch as it strips you of your memories now. I will take as many days as I can now. I love walking on the beach and finding different rocks and laughing with my dad. I’ve gone through some trials with my family this year but even though it was hard it’s growth for us all.

I’m so thankful for all the awesome amazing friends I have in my life. I have many awesome people. Thank you for always been there for me and guiding me and encouraging me. I could not do this life without you. ❤️I’m thankful for all my American friends whom I’ve not seen in two years because of Covid. They are part of my family know that even if I’m not there I’m thinking about each of you.

I’m so thankful for my aunt Claire she’s a woman after my own heart. She understands me so well and we have lots in common and I love her spirit and who she is to do many. I’m thankful for my new counselor she’s awesome. New is hard for me but new is growth and she’s great.

I’m thankful for my new home and that I can have my dog Zeke and Jonas my rabbit with me. My new home is beautiful and I have a beautiful garden. I’ve been blessed living here. My new Landlords are awesome and I’m enjoying getting to know them.

I’m so Thankful for the relationship I have with the Lord. I love how it just grows and grows. I still get really excited about spending time with Him. He’s my comforter, He gives me that inner peace I feel often and He gives me that encouragement to reach out to others. He looks after me and He’s always there for me no matter what. So many blessings and so much to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for today? What blessings do you have in your life?


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