Little girl…….memoirs

Little girl safe and warm in the arms of her mom. She’s loved and cared for. She’s young so that’s all she knows. She laughs and is starting to learn about the world around her. At one and a half you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.

All of a sudden your world is turned upside down. The woman you know as mom is suddenly gone. You recognize your dad and your brother but lose that one form of attachment you ever knew.

You cry a lot but nobody hears or seems to care. You snuggle up as close as you can to your older brother who is five and a half.

Your scared why all of a sudden is life so different. You get on a plane with your dad and your brother and it’s a long flight all day.

You end up at another person house and hear lots of loud voices. You feel scared and who are these people you don’t reconize them. You’ve never seen them. They seem cold and detached just your dad. You try to get his attention and he seems frustrated lots so as a young girl you learn quickly crying gets you nowhere.

Why are you here? Where is your mom? Nothing you have is your own everything is new. Why do you feel so alone even though your with your dad and your brother? Your brother is quiet, he’s never been quiet before.

Nothing is the same your scared of loud voices and this man and woman who are helping look after us. All you want as a little girl is to have someone tell you they love you and it’s gonna be ok.

One day we move again we get on a boat and we head away from where we were living. I don’t why but my dad is really tense and we just go along with him.

When you’re that young you have no idea what is happening but you do know you’ve lost the one person you loved and trusted. You have no choice but to go alone with what is happening to you.

Years later you find out you were kidnapped from your mom and you have no idea whether you will see her again.

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