People who know me well know that I love to encourage others. That’s one of my gifts. I watch people and then point out what I see in strengths in them. I do the same thing with our children. I often have a group of children around me. In this day and age we don’t hear enough encouraging things. This pendemic and all that comes with it drains us completely. When I start feeling like that especially at work. I call my retired principal friend and she helps me see the other side. Then I realize again that I’m supposed to be exactly where I am. My job is very rewarding but I feel drained from children that need so much.

Today we had a pro D day and again I was reminded with the speakers it’s not about me it’s about the children. The message I need to be sending to the children in my care is that no matter what is happening I’m there for you. I went back to how I felt about school because people cared about me they loved me and they were there no matter what. Children only learn when they trust their adults and feel safe. Through love, compassion and understanding those tough children will break down those barriers and things will get better. Instead of fighting things I can’t control today I realized again why I do what I do at school. It’s all about those children and their families.

When I feel discouraged God brings people into my life or today I heard more stories about people and their lives. It changes how I think for the better. It’s the same when we fight God on what He wants for us and we keep trying to fight against it and it makes us more frustrated or angry. We lose focus on the important things. I do believe I’m in this classroom for a reason even though it’s really tough sometimes. I’m out of my comfort zone and I don’t like it. I need to trust and stop being so hard on myself.

God puts us out of our comfort zone to shape us and so that we grow more. I’ve not liked it from the start but nobody is letting me do what I want to do they keep telling me what if I wasn’t there what would happen with the children. I then think further about how would it feel if someone didn’t want to work in a class because sometimes it’s really hard. It reflects back to me as a girl in a world that I didn’t fit in. What would have happened to me if one of those people that took me under their wing said they didn’t want to be with me because my life was so chaotic. Then it switches me back to being the woman who works with all the children no matter how Difficult they may be. I’m being selfish. The speaker today put it well ” ITS NOT ABOUT ME.” A great reminder.

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