Not giving up no matter what……

I’ve been listening to Craig Groeschel’s book on Winning the war in your mind. One of things I just heard was how hard it was for him to do preaching well. He felt God wanted him to be a pastor but at every turn he was told by people that they hoped he had something else to fall back on. At seminary he went through it and at the end was not ordained because they felt he fell short. He never gave up because God told him again that’s what he wanted him to do. Pastor Craig is an amazing awesome speaker. He speaks the truth, he speaks with his whole heart and he speaks about topics others shy away from. He takes about feeling huge shame and failure in his past. He talks about finally not listening to those lies that Satan tells us we are not good enough and will not succeed.

I related to so much of what Pastor Craig said. I felt that I was supposed to get into Early Childhood Education and help out young children. I took the course and because I was so terribly shy I failed my first practicum it was too much. I’m turn I failed my course and I watched my whole graduation class graduate without me. I was devestated and felt that it was true what I was told as a child that I would never amount to anything. I still felt God pushing me in that direction. I worked out in the field for a year until I could go back to school and complete my practicums. I passed with flying colors and graduated with a whole other class. That extra year helped me so much and helped me be the educator that I am today.

If I had Believed the lies that I was not good enough and that shame and unworthiness then I would never have followed my dreams. I’ve been told that I’m an awesome educator. What I found in my job was I could relate to those who felt alone or had trauma. God used what I had been through to give me a huge compassion for all children. I became an advocate for those who could not speak out for themselves. I did the hard thing but the right thing to protect the children. I fought against those lies. I became stronger and in the end I won.

Satan will tell you so many lies and as people we need to believe in our passions even if people tell us this will never happen. This book I would recommend to everyone. Pastor Craig is a huge success in the Christian world. His church is through Life Church. I’ve listened to him for about six years now and I belong to a life group filled with awesome Godly woman who we just do life together. Never ever give up on what you believe your supposed to do.

One thought on “Not giving up no matter what……

  1. This moved me so much … to tears … to realise how deep your understanding has become. I echo all of this. I could have given up too. I didn’t. You make me feel proud about that and about what you have achieved and will continue to achieve.


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