Today I had an opportunity to go up to Camp Imadene it’s about an hour and a half away. It so beautiful there, so peaceful the camp is on a lake. There is something about being up there that makes you feel closer to God. It was just a day trip but a trip that I needed. I feel refreshed. I met a bunch of people that I’d never met before and got to know more people. Two of the young gals come to my school each day and do after school care. That’s cool so I did tell them I would stop and say hi.

Lake Cowichan is very special place for me because my inlaws used to take us for lunch to a local restaurant when my father in law was alive and that town makes me feel closer to him. My inlaws owned a big home on the other side of lake Cowichan for a long time. I miss those times a lot. Towards the end of the retreat we got to break up into small groups and hear people’s testimonies. It’s amazing that no matter what people go through in their lives how resilient they can become. I love how God was working in people’s lives and had His hand on each person through hard times. The Spirit is an amazing thing and how much stronger each person is today because of what they went through.

I took the photos out for the privacy of my sister. I’ve not seen her in a very long time but I still remember how much we had fun together. I don’t know if it’s ever possible for us to reunite. That makes me sad because I think about her and know that she’s been told a bunch of lies about me. I hope one day we can reunite. We did everything together her and I. We were the best of friends her and I. No matter what you go through in life some of our toughest trials make us the strongest.

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