People who helped me survive

I know I wouldn’t have survived my life growing up if it had not been for special people who I know God brought into my life. People who obviously knew there was something serious going on in my life. People who never asked but helped me so much. Mrs. Baker she was my school librarian I loved this woman so much. When the children were only supposed to take out two books at a time she let me take as many as I wanted. I went on the best adventures. I dreamed that I was in those adventures. I was locked in my bedroom a lot and so I had to create games to stop the hunger I often felt. I loved reading and read every minute I could. Mrs Baker had CP and I hated when the kids made fun of her because I loved this woman. She would also give me money because I would often spend the money I had on food in the tuck shop. She never asked me for anything but she took she under her wing. Before she died I was able to connect with her and tell her how much she meant to me in my life and I thanked her for teaching me about reading and how I still love reading today. I was sad to hear of her passing but I do know we will meet again. Thank you Mrs Baker for loving me and caring about me. ❤️

Another amazing woman was Mrs. Brady. I was friends with her daughter Sarah Brady. She took me on holidays with her and her daughter and she treated me like I was part of her family. After that week of holidays I didn’t want to go home and overdosed on pills and had to go to the hospital to get my stomach pumped out. She sat with me everyday until I was better. Not only did she do that but her daughter was on the hot lunch program at school and she brought me tickets that her daughter kept for me so that once a day I got a hot meal. This brings tears to my eyes because she again never asked anything from me she just gave. Unfortunately she passed away before I could thank her for helping me survive my life. I am in touch with Sarah still.

Another women lived in my neighbourhood and she would pick me up from school with her son. The days she picked me up she had always gone grocery shopping. While she was in her house I would go through her shopping bags and take food and put it into my back pack. She never said anything to me ever. I’m so grateful for her. God sent me just the right people to help me survive. For them all I’m externally grateful.

It was so hard to trust people so these people helped me see that there are indeed really good people in the world. I never told anybody about what was happening in my home. I have been told by teachers that they knew something was not right. What was hard for me for a long time was if you even suspect something is up to speak out or speak up. That’s why I speak out for children today. I have become their voice.

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