I have the greatest support system

This past week I found myself having to make a whole bunch of tough decisions regarding my dog. I always made those decisions with my ex husband. As I sat in the parking lot at the animal hospital and cried. I prayed about what I needed to do. Zeke is my labradoodle and best friend. I’ve been through so much with him. He’s my Therapy dog and I love him so much. I’ve never been asked in my life if they needed to do CPR could they. Of course I wanted the too. I decided to reach out to my Facebook friends to pray for Zeke. The response was overwhelming. People checked in on me and prayed and Pm me.

I realized that I could do this, make those tough decisions and know that I have tons of support and people that love Zeke and I. I don’t need Larry anymore and God has given just what I need. I love that. I’ve not been on my own in the last 20 years and those decisions I made with someone else. I realized how much I’ve grown and I love that. I’ve gotten so much more confidence and yes I made the right decisions for Zeke.

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