I’ve not written in a bit because I’m sick right now and trying to get my head around writing was not happening. I also needed a bit of time out from my memoirs. They triggered me and brought up a lot of feelings. I’m feeling better about that after talking it out with Joan. I’m not sure I have ever talked about how that time made me feel. It brought up painful Sad memories for me. I will continue on through God’s strength not my own.

As I’m sitting here today I’m reflecting on God’s many blessings in my life. I have so many. Today I called the ranch. Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon. It’s my home away from home. Some of my best friends I’ve had either have worked there or work there now. The founders Kim and Troy Meeder are dear to my heart. Kim I’ve gotten to know on my many trips has a beautiful soul for Jesus. She has many podcasts and can often be heard on Focus on the Family. You want to hear an amazing testimony she’s got one. Those who know me well know Crystal Peaks is my refuge. When I go to the ranch the peace I find on it is nothing like I’ve ever experienced. God is all around through the people, the horses and the scenery. When I stand up at the top of the ranch by the cross you can see the whole entire world up there. It’s glorious up there. The three sisters mountains often loom over the scenery. Often are covered in snow. I have a wooden plaque in my kitchen with those mountains on them. They are spectacular.

As soon as I get off the plane and step out onto the pavement the peace that surrounds me is delightful and I know I’m home. It’s been two and a half years since I was last there. I went for my 50th birthday. I have many friends who live here and I stay with them. Their homes are like my homes. Everywhere you drive in Bend you see these glorious mountains. The last time I was at the ranch Tim, Rachel and I went 4x4ing in Tim’s rental truck on the back trails behind the 3sisters. Wow it was awesome and amazing and we saw amazing things including the sun set. We wanted to get as close to the Mountains as we could. That was a fun day.

I’m so blessed for knowing all the people I do and for all my friends who are like my second family. The high desert is my happy place. I’m the summer it’s blazing hot in the high desert something I’m not used to. One of my favorite things to do is go to Sutle tea in Sisters and hang out with my friends. They got the best cold teas. Sisters is an awesome little town with great shops and awesome restaurants.

When I go to ranch I always make sure I volunteer there. There’s nothing better then scooping poop with young people, gardening with young and older people, picking weeds, gardening or whatever else needs doing. I’ve met some of the nicest families there who bring their children to ride and while they wait they come and volunteer at the ranch. It’s an amazing place for everyone to come to. There is a store with souvenirs from the ranch. That’s why I was calling the ranch yesterday. I brought a mug for a friend of mine. I wanted to bless her.

I’m hoping to go back to this wonderful place this summer. I can’t wait but for now I can dream. The man who took these photographs his name is Dave White. He’s recovering from cancer and I’ve got to know him over Facebook. I’ve been praying for him and I’m asking people to continue to pray for his full healing. He’s a guy I want to meet next time I go.

Thanks for coming on my journey to the ranch.

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