The death of an awesome guy

A guy I knew through his photography passed away from cancer this past Monday. I’m devestated by his death. I had noticed that he had stopped putting up photos on his Facebook page and wondered if he was ok. Then January 6th he posted that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer a couple of months before that. I was shocked and I know how hard kidney cancer is. He said he was getting out of hospice and was feeling better and was optimistic. I started praying for him and it sounded like there was a glimmer of hope. A friend of his organized a go fund me page so that when Dave felt better he could still go out and take his photographs. In a week all the money plus more was raised so that his truck could be purchased.

Last week I felt this urgency to pray for him so I did and he had many praying. Tuesday morning I work up and found out Dave had passed away Monday night. He had, had many strokes and his body gave out. I’m so sad. Dave was an awesome man who loved nature and adventure. I got to know Dave through his exceptional photography of my favorite place in the world. The high desert in Bend, Oregon. The 3 sisters mountains are so Beautiful. Everywhere you go in Bend those beautiful mountains loom in the background. Sometimes they are covered in clouds or fog but most days they are so clear in the distance. The high desert has some of the most beautiful scenery. It’s so different in so many ways. In many of the photos I will post you will see Juniper trees all twisted in different ways and Sage bushes. They grow all over the high desert. Five years ago I found Dave on Facebook and we often chatted about the scenery. He would comment on my comments of his photos. Seeing as he lived in Central Oregon I had asked him if he knew about Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch my favorite ranch. He knew where it was yes because he was a sanitation worker and had picked up garbage from the ranch. I told him he needed to visit. He photographed many of my favorite spots in Oregon.

Dave loved to get up really early in the morning to capture that photo and he loved sunrises and sunsets. He’d get to just the right spot to capture that amazing photo before others came. He loved finding new places to capture. His photography captured my heart all those years ago and still to this day. You can view his work at Dave White Photography on Facebook and some of his prints are for sale. All the money for his truck went to help with his medical bills and for his memorial and his celebration of life. I brought two of my favorite prints of his to honor this wonderful man. I will miss our chats and seeing the places and adventures he went on. He will be missed by many. I do know God put Dave in my life for a reason and I do know I will see him again. Dave you were one of a kind and I’m honoured to have known you for the time I did. Dave loved that I wanted to share his photos on my blog. I’m so glad you don’t have to suffer anymore. Your photographys will live on in your legacy. ❤️🙂

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