Swannanoa Christian Ministry

Living in the USA I had to do something to keep myself busy. I could not legally work. A girl from church told me that I could volunteer with a ministry in town. They collected donations from other churches and gave food, clothing and other services to families. I decided to join up and volunteer. Swannanoa Christian Ministry ended up being a life saver for me. I got in so well and volunteered for 3 years. I loved this place so much and met some awesome people which I still keep in touch with today.


I provided a link about what they do because it explains it better than I can in here. They get tons of donations from other churches and people who drop off clothing etc. As a volunteer I worked 3 times a week sorting through donations. I storted through clothing, shoes, sheets and towels and household items. For items that we couldn’t use they for shipped to a country that could use them and we only keep seasonal clothing the rest for shipped to places where it was winter or summer depending on what season we were in.

Volunteers were young to older and the mornings I was on I made friends fast with people and we had fun. Two of the gals I worked with lots for put on sheets as there was so many. I joined their team and we were known as the linen sisters. The fun we had both were retired and they wanted to still do something. We often laughed so hard our sides hurt. I loved these women and we’d be sorting clothing and either Jan or Alice would dress up in clothes and parade around the ministry. We always laughed so much. Last year Alice passed away and I was saddened by that. I still keep in touch with Jan. We are still known as the linen sisters.

One day I was sorting through a bag of donations and all of a sudden I let out a huge scream and the volunteers came over to see what I screaming about and inside my black garbage bag was a dead mouse. The things you’d find in your donation bags. People who left valuables in pockets and the ministry would have to track them down. We got tons of donations of people who had died. Even though we had fun there. It was sad to see the people who came in looking for help. Lots of families who needed food or clothing. Homeless Vets who needed a helping hand or the woman whose kids or themselves who were sick and had to find up their homes to pay for medical treatment.

We have no idea how lucky we are in Canada because we would never lose our home to pay for medical. I was able to pray with people especially a woman who was caught in addiction. She yelled at me but she was detoxing and it scared her and I was able to share how God had healed me from alcoholism. God uses our stories and it helps others. That’s why I share my story through my blog because if it helps one person then it’s all worth it. Those were the best three years of my life working in a humble ministry helping others. It was such an amazing experience and God used it. I was sad when I had to leave. I had the greatest memories. It made my time in NC be the best time. I still smile when I think of the People and the fun I had.

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