Someone I look up to

Recently I found out that one of my good friends her cancer has spread. The news was not what anyone wanted to hear. This friend is an amazing woman one I cherish very much. Her strength and her outlook on life is amazing and the first time she had cancer I stood in awe at how she led her life. I know her strength is from her faith and it’s tough watching someone you love struggle. I look up to this gal she has no idea how the stands she choose in her marriage helped me be able to stand in mine as well. She did the right thing even though it was so hard on her children. She chose the healthy path. I watched her make it on her own financially. We had many conversations. It’s hard to do what’s healthy for us but without her stand I would not have been able to get out of a marriage that was hard in so many ways.

I love the times we went to rabbit shows and stayed in a hotel together. Rabbits tied us together and when I got into breeding my friend was always there to help me with my rabbits. We both work in the same field with children and my friend is awesome with children. I love her heart. When circumstances came up and our friendship ended for a few years she was the first one to want to try and be friends again. Our friendship became stronger then ever.

One of my favorite things to do is we all pile into another friends van and we head up island. We all get on so well together and have much to talk and laugh about. We stop for lunch and then we go to an amazing thrift shop and spend a couple of hours in there finding all these treasures that people once owned. Sometimes we go to the beach or we find more stores to shop in. We drive back home and stop for dinner on the way home and get home late but feels so good to just be together. There are four of us that hang out together. All of these gals are my best friends. Each of them has a strength that they bring to the group. I love these woman with all my heart.♥️ I’m blessed to have them in my life and I wanted them to know that. We all will be there for each other in this journey we call life.

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