Summer time

I absolutely love the summer time. It’s a time to hang out with some of my favorite people. It’s time to go on road trips, swimming, kayaking with my favorite gals. It’s time for BBQ ‘s or as my American friends say grilling time. Since the pandemic I’ve not been to Central Oregon it’s up in the high desert. It’s my home away from home. It’s hot there in the summer. 🔥 My joints love the heat. I love the sun and the longer days and nights. It’s ok I didn’t go to Oregon this year. I was thinking Christmas time but most likely it will be next summer. Then I can volunteer.

This year I felt I was supposed to stay home this summer. I’m hanging out with the best kid. We have so much fun together and I forgot how much we laugh. My family needed me to help with my dad. He’s got dementia. My aunt is here from France so I’m glad to be able to visit. I must be relaxed this summer because my dentist told me a couple of weeks ago that I can only come to the dentist in the summer. Ha ha I must be intense during the school year. I got to go on my favorite road trip with my favorite gals. We’ve not done it before the pendemic. I thought I only had this summer with one of my good friends and then after our road trip the best news ever was her cancer is only two tiny spots in her lungs. God has healed her. She then told us she had been given 4 months to live. Now she’s been given years to live. Don’t ever unestimate the power of prayer. 🙏

Never ever take your days for granted. I love that God has done this for her and especially her girls. I love this woman.❤️ I see lots of my friends going away and I love watching all the places they go to and I’m so glad I got to be home here this summer. Two weekends ago I got to see one of my friends who lives in Ontario she was out here for a death in her family. She’s a gal who is in my life group which is part of the big Mega church Life Church. This gal is the only one I’ve met the rest of them I only know online but they have become my family. I love all the people God has put in my life. I’m really lucky. It’s fitting because God has given me a huge heart for both people and children. Oh and I love animals as well. I always wear shirts that say LIFE IS GOOD. Life is good. 🌞

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