When no means no

How many times have we told our children that when we say no it means no. We teach these same principles to the children at school. It is taught at a young age. How many times have we said no and it’s ignored and we may have been taken advantage of. Why do people think it’s ok to ignore when someone says no or stop. What gives someone that right to totally ignore the words. This topic makes me so angry and how many times as a child I said no and nobody cared to listen. Why??? They just continued on with their adjenda. I was abused by many and it didn’t matter how much I said no or stop did it stop.

Recently I had an encounter with an individual who was in my face about something simple and they freaked out at me swearing and cussing me. I asked them to stop and they just ignored me. I asked about 3 times and they continued on freaking out at me. Even when I was in tears they continued and another person had to stand up and say stop but it took another 4 tries before it stopped. To me this is what bullies do. I have zero tolerance for this behavior even if it’s someone in your family. I don’t care who you are. I hate conflict but I now have to set clear boundaries with this individual and that if it happens again I will not be in the same room with this person or even around them.

Do people feel power from doing this to others? So many people I know have experienced the same thing. Why do people bully others? At school there is zero tolerance for bullying. I love that because it protects our children. I was bullied so much in school and then in my home. Something I noticed in my home growing up was my siblings would pick on me and be nasty to me but that was what was modelled in my home. When you grow up and leave that environment then you can choice not to continue that behaviour. Since this happened to me it’s bothered me so much that I felt I was supposed to speak out about it. I hope that people in your lives listen to you and your children when you say no.

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