Marriage – memoirs

Not all of my marriage was bad in fact I had an opportunity to travel all over the USA and I got to live in some awesome amazing places where I met incredibly people who I’m still friends with today. I got to see some of the most beautiful countryside. I’ve been across the US twice from where I live in Canada. I’ve been to Washington, Idaho, Montana loved it there especially the town of Sheridan, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illnois, Kentucky, Tennessee to North Carolina. It took us a week to drive there but I got to see so much of the country and I loved it. The second time we did it I had my golden retriever Libertyanne with us. As we got each state line we tied her up to the post and took her photo.

On the way back we drove through Kentucky. I loved that State as it’s got piles of horse stables. A horse state, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma,New Mexico and Arizona. Colorado and Utah were two of my very favorite states. So beautiful in different ways. I loved Utah with Arches and we got to go in some tours where they had restored small villages. The salt flats in Utah were awesome and went on for miles and miles. We got to see wild horses on the side of the road and Colorado was magnificent. Loved the snow capped mountains. We went through California and up to Oregon.

We were going to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch for a 4 day session where you learn how to set up your own ranch. At this ranch they rescue horses and team them up with children. There are over 200 of these ranches all over the world now. The high desert has become my second home and the ranch is my family. I love that place so much and have met awesome people that I still am friends with.

I’m so glad I got to see so many places and meet some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. The USA is a beautiful country. I’m so glad I got to see so much of the Country. That’s why the US is close to my heart ♥️

One thought on “Marriage – memoirs

  1. Thanks for sharing some of your travels in both photos and words. While I have lived in Ohio for several years, my heart will always find my native Montana under its amazing Big Sky.


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