Hedge of protection

This past week I saw what happens when you pray over a home. Larry and I lived in a home for 13 years together. Before we ever moved in Larry walked the perimeter of the property and inside it. I still do that pray over the homes I rent now. After Larry left I remained in the home and lived there for two more years before the house got sold. I prayed for the new owners as they would take up living in that house we had called home. I loved that house it was small but it holds lots of memories for Larry and I.

A couple days last week we had lots of wind and the home is surrounded by large Oak trees. Some of those trees have been there for a long time. That was on the weekend. On the Monday I was in the ER and my old neighbour Jim sent me some photos. I could tell it was my old house and I was so surprised what I was looking at. Its hard to tell in photos what is going on.

As you can tell from the photos it looked like one of the Oak trees had fallen down but I’m still not comprehending what happened. I can tell it’s one of the large ones that’s in the neighbours on the other side and then realised it’s one of those massive ones that’s fallen down. They are so tall and huge and you can tell by the roots in the ground. I’m stunned so it came down and looks like it’s fallen on their shed and part of it on the roof. I still had no idea.

A couple of days later I dropped my dog off at Jim’s house and I get a text from the lady who now owns the house with her Husband their small child and her father in law. He lives downstairs in the suite that Larry built. He was home when the tree went down. The tree fell right between both homes it crushed the fence and their deck that Larry built and caved in the roof in the side. The grandpa was home when it happened but his life was spared and the tree did not come near his suite.

I went to pick up a box that I had left behind when I moved that’s why she had text me. I thought I’d look and see what had happened to their home. They had, had someone come in and cut up the tree but the front yard looked like an Earthquake had hit it. I stood in shock as the deck was gone except for the landing that the stairs was once on and the deck still attached to the house. I felt sick in my gut and all these memories came back. I used to sit in that deck and think of one of those trees ever fell down it would do a lot of damage.

So many things are God’s divine intervention. The family were not home except for the grandpa and he never heard it. His suite was protected. Even though it crushed their new shed, the fence, their deck and their grill all that can be replaced. The other divine thing was it fell between the two homes. The people on the other side their kids bedrooms are all on that side and they were all home sleeping. It crushed their deck and part of the roof they were protected. So even though we moved out of that home it still was protected by the Lord. That’s truly amazing. I love the couple who moved into the home and I’m so glad that they are ok.

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