My father in law – memoirs

As I wrote a couple of days ago my father in law was an amazing man of God. His wisdom was incredible and I loved him so much. God had His hand on him from day one. He was born in Russia and lived with his family. His dad was well known in their community and was a book keeper. They lived when the iron curtain was falling. He had 13 brothers and sisters and his dad took in a couple of other children whose parents had been taken away and they had lived in the streets. When things were getting really bad his family packed up as much as they could in a wagon. They had two horses and left Everything else behind. My father in law was 10 years old. He said many people begged his family to take their children but their wagon was full. They also took the two children that had recently joined their family.

Unfortunately two of my father in laws siblings died along the way. Things were hard and tough. My father in law told us how God paved their way so many times in the journey. As they were leaving their village they came to a bridge that was set to detonate and they were told they could not cross. This was the only way out of the village. Then one of the guards stopped and reconized my father in laws dad. He had done work for him and after the guard talked to the others. They let the family go through and on the other side they blew up the bridge.

Another story he told us was there was bombing all over the place and his dad told my father in law to go get the horses that they needed to leave. My father in law told us that he got to the shed and it was full of bullet holes. He felt he could bearly breathe and started to pray and then heard a sound and saw something moving in the shed. He slowly opened the doors and there standing were both of the horses and they had nothing on them. Wow that’s truly a miracle. 🐴

Another story was they arrived in Poland and they needed passports they ended up in a camp. Every night people in the camp disappeared and often people that were right beside them. Gone the next day. My father in law his dad worked in the camp and got enough money together to get passports for his family. The first people took the money and left them without anything. Again his dad had to work to earn enough money and they finally got passports but his dad told his family that they were never to speak Russian again.

Eventually my father in law came to Canada and worked on a farm and worked there for 3 years and was able to stay in the country. There he met his wife who is still alive and they had a family of 5 children. My father in law his faith was huge because of how God had protected him and his family. As I said this was a man I admired so much. He’s in heaven now and I’m looking forward to seeing him again. He is missed everyday but as I said before I got to help look after him as he chose to die in his home. That was hard but so rewarding. When he was dying he would sing beautiful songs in Russian. He kept his language but also spoke fluient German as well. ❤️

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