Thank you so much for reading my blog

First of all I want to thank all my readers for reading my blog and supporting me on this journey. I’m blown away at how many people read it and all the likes and comments. I started this journey as a way for me to write and realized how therapeutic it became. I’ve always wanted to write my memoirs but to me it was scary to write them in book form but less scary for me to write them here. An amazing counselor who was in my life encouraged me to write them but I was never ready now I’ve almost completed them. My memoirs are God’s story through me. He is the author through all of this and how much healing has come out of this. I could never imagine that ever. They were hard to write but I wrote it raw because how do you pretty up my life.

I’m getting photos from people who knew me growing up. I don’t have to many photos but will share what I have. I saw one this morning it was hard to look at how skinny and horrible I look. I want to just reach into the photo and pull out myself and hug her.

My life has changed so much since then but it has not come without trials. I know trials make us stronger and make us who we are today. It’s taught me so many things. I do know that I could not have done life without so many supporting me in this journey. Thank you everyone. I’m blessed.

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