Simplicity of life

I looked after my dad this weekend. Many of you know that he has dementia. It’s hard to watch someone you love decline. When I’m with him I’m reminded how simple things are to him. The children I work with are the same they see things with a different lense. It’s good because it makes me realize and remember that life can be simple. With simplicity it is not complicated.

I took my dad to my favorite road in Victoria. It’s hidden away so most people do not know it’s there. It’s a road I love to drive on. When I’m on it all my worries fade away. I have the great privilege to take my dog to this amazing daycare which is on the same road that I love. The road meananders around and it’s super narrow. It’s a country road and I know every inch of it as I drive it 5x a week. As I round the corner to my left is the sheep with the two Llama’s. The Llama’s often are sitting in the flooded field with their heads held high watching and guarding the sheep. As I round the next corner to the right is a pond that separates two properties. This is the first year I’ve ever seen two sets of geese with their goslings. We pulled the car over to the side of the road and watched mother and father goose with their babies under the tree. They had at least 5 babies. I had not seen the babies for 5 days so they had grown so much.

On the other side of the pond is a hill and the second set of geese with their goslings are there and the babies are running down the hill. It’s fascinating to watch. My dad loves it and is counting them. I’m sure we saw 6 goslings. At the back of the property is a horse stable where children can come and ride and we can see through the trees people on horses in their round pen. As we drive up the road there are horses in the field. My dad is happy.

We drive up the driveway to the daycare and it’s beautiful. Lisa who runs the daycare her and her husband have put in so much work up there. I love the palm trees and all the plants and the flowers up there. Her home is beside the doggie Daycare and she’s got a beautiful natural pool. Her place is a sanctuary. Lisa and her staff run an amazing place. It’s my dogs second home and he’s looked after so well.

It’s amazing that what my dad can’t remember in one minute he could remember for a couple of hours the drive I took him on. I laughed when we got home he said I’ve been out on my two hour tour. He told me thank you for taking me on this special trip. It warmed my heart that I was able to share this special road with him. Everyday I drop my dog off I always drive the long way to school. The road gives me peace and I often see bald eagles and the most wicked sunrises you have ever seen. They blaze across the sky. After being in this road I’m ready to tackle whatever my day looks like. I’m blessed and reminded that things are so simple even through the eyes of a 84 year old.

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