The simple things in life

I wanted a to do a business that was fun. I have crafted my whole life doing scrapbooks, stamping, cricut machine and any of the other crafts. My family for generations have all been artists. I often laughed and said I missed the artist gene. I have realized as I get older that I have it as well. Mine comes out in a different way. I love creativity. When I saw this business I signed up without even trying it.

Debbie is amazing an amazing designer I look up to and strive to be successful in this business. I reposted her blog and her video on how simple Chalk Couture is. Even children can do it. I’m proof that doing a single project with 12 kindergarteners works. It wasn’t pretty and they fought and argued but we got it done and they loved it. They often ask me when we will do our next project.

This is the next project I want to do with them. It’s building a birdhouse and putting transfers on with paste. The kit comes with all the pieces. We are learning about Spring and what better way to build our own birdhouse. This surface is reusable which means we can change how it looks.

After my friend Wendy passed away I was so thankful for the opportunity to be able to have this business to occupy my extra time and create beautiful projects. It’s been healing and it helps so much work my grief. I’ve met an amazing people along the way and I can’t wait to do the next projects, events or just doing it with my friends.

I can share occasionally on my blog things one made that bring me great joy. I have made many gifts from the products. A little something to brighten up your day goes a long way. I hope you enjoy Debbie’s blog and her video of how fun and simple this craft is. I know it’s not for everyone but for me it’s simple, relaxing and fun and I’m going to bless one person at a time.

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