Perservence brings Hope

10 days a great dane escaped from the home of his grandma, she was looking after him while her daughter and son in law where on holidays. Roscoe escaped just around the corner from my home. He was hit by one car and at the end of our main road was hit again. A massive search for this big boy left everyone wondering what happened to him.  Yesterday he was found. Here is the story of Roscoe.  It is inspiring and a lot of people are calling this a Christmas Miracle.

Roscoe got loose at approx. 3:45pm on December 12th.  Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing ROAM  was called in and other organizations and ROAM began putting up posters on all the places he was last seen. He was hit by a car near his place where he was staying and got up and continued running where he was hit further down the road. Once again got to his feet and bolted down a side street. This was the last sighting anyone had for days. Everyone knew he couldn’t have gone far he was bound to have injuries or be sore from the cars hitting him. For 5 days there were no more concrete sightings.  A week after Roscoe had been missing a lady had seen him at 3:00am about 1 mile from where he was last seen. During this time hundreds of volunteers searched night and day all the areas around. Everytime I drove by any of the signs for Roscoe I would pray and cry and pray some more.

The kids at our daycare saw the signs of Roscoe and much conversation evolved from them them and they asked everyday if Roscoe was found. I looked every chance I could get. Lots of people everyday rain or shine searched for Roscoe. Yesterday Dec 22nd a search was organized at the local school and 50 – 60 volunteers came out to look. Each were given maps of the area last seen.  ROAM prepared 100″s of chits and posters to hand out to as many people as possible.  As the ROAM volunteers decided to drive around they got a call from a neighbour nearby, someone had given her a chit and she had a gut feeling that Roscoe was nearby. She took this photo off her balcony and sent it to ROAM who blew it up and you can see it’s Roscoe hiding in the thick bush down 30 feet from this woman’s house in a ravine. 

ROAM asked the lady to ignore him until they got to him. His owners were searching nearby and they hopped into the car to go see him. They had no idea what Shape Roscoe would be in when they got there. His mom and dad were there in minutes. The woman who had called showed the couple to look slowly over the bluff into the ravine. That indeed was Roscoe. His mom made her way slowly through the brambles towards him. She called his name softly, he perked his head up and he got up and trotted over to his mom his tail so excited to see her. His mom said he looked good. His dad and another lady made their way to them.  The Photos are of Roscoe and his mom and dad and as you can see from the photos he does look good. They take him to the animal hospital hospital for tests  and observation and gentle meals. Roscoe had no broken bones or internal damage from being hit by 2 cars. All he had was some abrasions and he had lost 15lbs. Other than that he was given a clean bill of health. Roscoe is a Christmas Miracle.  

Roscoe’s story is a story of love and hope and redemption. He survived huge odds against him. Two car accidents, being lost and scared and nobody have any idea where he was. 10 days is a long time to be missing and he survived many rain storms and 100 mile an hour wind. Roscoe is a survivor he hunkered down and waited for his mom and dad to find him. The photos below show him looking good. The other part of this story is how many people looked for him everyday complete strangers walking day and night, it was the holiday season and instead of doing their own thing they rallied around this family and did not give up until he was found.

It shows me that no matter  what one faces in their lives that God will look after you.  Roscoe you waited out the storms and he survived.  When we feel like giving up remember this story.  Roscoe is now home recovering I bet he had the best Christmas ever.      


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