Snow in Victoria (Snowmageddon)


The snow is unbelievable here. Our city is usually bearing blossom trees at this time of the year or snowdrops peaking up around the city. Sometimes we get a small amount of snow but not the last few days.  Others in the rest of Canada make fun of us as we struggle through this, but our snow is completely different; it’s heavy and wet and we have lots of hills. The last 2 days I’ve had snow days which is nice and the snow is so beautiful out on the trees.

This morning we woke up to 12 inches of snow. At 7:30 in the morning not a soul out and so quiet. Large amounts of snow hang from the wires and are built up on the bushes in unique patterns. The birds flying around looking for food and the humming birds coming to the feeders. On our back deck we have a bird feeder as I love to watch the birds come. Everything looks much brighter in this snow almost blinding to the eye. As I sit here blogging it’s began snowing here again huge big flakes. I think we are heading to our big snow storm we had in 1996. Seems like more snow in the forecast.

I found snow calming and peaceful. My labradoodle Zeke he loves it, but now it’s deep so when he goes out to go potty I see him searching outside for a good spot. This morning he found a ball and was so happy and of course wanted to play ball. The snow is right up to his belly and he has to leap over the snow to get through it.


  The only thing is he comes in with serious ice balls stuck on his fur. He’s so cute in the snow he looks like a giant teddybear.  My husband was just downtown as his family owns an apartment building and so he needs to make sure the sidewalks are clear. He told me this very jovient guy was riding his tricycle in the middle of downtown, not a care in the world. I guess he was out enjoying the snow.  He’s not out checking on his sister he sent me these photos it’s beautiful out there. 


Snow days are awesome so enjoy your and kids love this stuff. I see many out with their toboggans laughing and having fun. We will see what the next days bring. We could have a white Valentine’s Day. Stay safe out there and have fun.   

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