I’ve been selected for the top 100 Addiction Blogs………………………..

My blog was selected by a panel of feedspot as one of the top 100 Addiction blogs on the web. I was given this at the end of August and just wanted to thank everyone for this honor. Thank you to all those who have liked my blogs and commented on them. This journey of addiction has been a tough journey, but in sobriety a very rewarding one. I want to continue to share my stories with you all.

One of the biggest things in recovery has been listening to others share their journeys and what has helped them. I write and share what is on my heart and what God has done and is doing in my life. God continues to lead me wherever I go and whatever I do in my life. As many of you know life is quite busy and hectic that is why I have not been blogging but when my new job settles down then I can get back to writing. I miss it when I don’t write. Below is the link that shows the Top 100 Addiction Blogs. There is help out there for those that still struggle.

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