Waiting Patiently

Recently while I was down at the beach with my company from out of town I sat on a log and watched this heron. He waited very patiently for that right fish. It was facinating to watch. The heron stood very still waiting. People were coming and going on the beach but it was like he had tuned out the whole world to wait so quietly.

AS I sat I thought about my relationship with the Lord. God wants us to come to him and sit quietly so that we can hear what it is that He wants for us. He wants us to tune out the world and all the distractions so that He is our main focus. My life is very busy right now and no matter how busy it is I still have time to sit with him quietly. I pray everyday on my way to work as I have to do a fair bit of driving to get to my jobs.

Then right at the right time the heron gets the fish and eats it and goes back and continues looking for that right fish again. God wants us to sit and wait for Him just like this heron. Without this food this heron would die, without our food through reading the word and praying our salvation would die as well. We are not much different then this magnificent bird.

This has been a big reminder to me lately when things get tough for me. Even throughout the stress last week I could feel God walking beside me. Along the same lines as the beach one of my favorite stories is about a person walking on the beach. In the dream he noticed two sets of footprints one belonged to him the other to Jesus. As he looked at his life he noticed only one set of footprints. At the lowest parts of his life and the saddest parts there was only one set. He was really bothered by that and asked the Lord ” Lord you said that when I follow you, you’d walk with me. I have noticed that in the hardest times of my life there is only one set of footprints. I don’t understand that when I needed you the most you were not there.” The LOrd replied ” MY PRECIOUS CHILD, I LOVE YOU AND I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. DURING YOUR TIME OF TRIALS AND SUFFERING, WHEN THERE WAS ONLY ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS. IT WAS BECAUSE I CARRIED YOU.”

No matter what is going on in our lives God is always there for us. Please do not lose faith. I’m glad to have this reminder with this heron and the footprints poem. Reach out to someone. I have a whole ton of people I can reach out to. My friend Ruth told me this weekend that I have a person for everything in my life. Find someone whom you trust and reach out. Do something good for yourself and remember YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!!!!

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