I love the faith that my friends who really know me tell me. Those who know me well have told me to apply to the school district and work as an Educational Assistant. I was unsure even after working a couple of weeks. Needs are high in the schools and I often felt helpless on how to help these children. My new job did a big turn a round this past week. I was able to work four days in the same school. I was with a boy who had a lot of anger issues and could be quite unpredictable. For a young boy he had a lot of things going on for him. I loved the class and knew two of the students in there right a way so that was nice. Both of them I had taught in my preschool class. I was in a split class kindergarten and grade one. I felt at home immediately.

The boy I worked with I started to get to know him and hung out with him lots. I also got to stay with him all week and his class. I loved how the teacher taught her students with rhymes for how to make letters. I also got to know the children in the class and was able to help them out so much. On the third day of working with him and helping him out we were walking down the hallway and he reached out for my hand to hold on to it. He was starting to trust me and know that I was there for him no matter what. I realized that my job is about a lot of compassion and understanding and building relationships. Without those relationships those children are not going to be able learn. They want to know they are cared for no matter what. I felt sad I had to leave the school on Friday, but know that I can do this and compassion is huge. I was also told by many including the prinicipal how calm I was and how I had made a big difference in this boy’s life this past week.

The principal also told me that there would be a position coming up for twenty hours and that’s how many people get their foot in the door. Not only did I help this boy out I also felt like I belonged at the school . I realized that there is a bigger part of being an EA and I know I have what it takes, so I need to remember that when things get tough. So far since I have started I have been told many times how calm and great with the children. I’m so glad God gave me a huge heart for those that need care and compassion.

Even though my blogs on my memoirs were hard for people to read I took them down so that I can learn how to write them in a different format. I know from all the things I experienced as a child made me into the person I am today.

One thought on “Compassion

  1. Congratulations on this massive shift in your life! You are being empowered by your empowerment of others. Your biographical story will find in time but a big part the conclusion has already been written – you’ve come out of the cave of chaos having mined calm and compassion – refiner’s fire… beauty from ashes! xox


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