Over eating to help with stress

It’s hard to be told that you use food as comfort and that it’s no better than your addiction of choice you used to do. That hit me hard because I’ve been free of sexual addiction for two and half years. I’m so glad I don’t struggle with that anymore. For years on and off I’ve struggled with over eating and using food as a comfort. It raised its ugly head recently when I felt back in a corner and felt like I had no way out. I felt trapped and powerless. Instead of stopping and realizing this triggered past stuff I chose to use food instead of validating why I was feeling those feelings. I found comfort in a bag of chips and a bag of candy. That helped soothe my soul. I didn’t lay out down in front of God I just ate instead.

My counselor pointed out that this is no different then using addiction. Food can be used as addiction if used for the wrong reasons. Great I’m glad she pointed it out to me so that I don’t continue to soothe through food. I have a toolbox full of tools on what to not do with sexual addiction so now I need to validate those feelings give them a voice. Writing for me is very therapeutic. I need to reach out to my friends and pray with them. I need to reach out to my Lord and ask Him to help me lay out down at the foot of His cross.

Working out this week has made me very mindful of what I’m eating and realized that I often eat from boredom. That was my huge downfall in sexual addiction. I started ordering food from a company called Good food and it’s really healthy meals that come in two portions. You get three meals and they last for two days and I’m really excited to cook them because they taste so good. I’ve cut my snacks back or I don’t snack and I’m motivated to cook. Cooking for one can be hard and then I eat the wrong things. Also being kind to myself and not so hard on me. If you are struggling with food, alcohol, drugs, sexual addiction or whatever your drug of choice is. Lay it down to God talk to someone you trust. You don’t have to do this alone. You can reach out to me and I can help encourage you. Addiction is hard, it is real and it can be overcome. There is freedom. ❤️

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