Running out of items in the stores

All the empty shelves at the stores is something I’ve never seen before. We live in a world where there always has been plenty. The stocking up and hoarding is like I’m in some movie. It feels almost not real. For weeks now you can’t find hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant cleaning products and less and less toilet paper.

I’m not here to discuss what will happen with this virus or not we hear enough of that in the media. This past couple of weeks have been surreal for me. I go out somewhere and especially in stores feel super overwhelmed and feel almost out of body experience. I procrastinated on getting supplies. I finally sat down and asked God why I felt like that.

A picture came into my mind of me as a child hungry and wondering where or when my next meal would be. If I listened to what the media says about everything I’d to live in fear. I prayed about it and I know I will be ok. There is enough food and that if we go under a lock down I have enough in my home. I also have lots of family and friends and this time I’m not alone. As a kid I suffered alone. As an adult thanks to counseling and a lot of good people in my life including the Lord I am not afraid.

I’m so glad I have the Lord in my life. I feel peace that He is near. Draw close to Him. If we have to be in a lock down then spend your time with Him. I’m lucky I got to do that for the month I was off work. I feel he’s prepared me for this. Thank you Lord for looking after me.

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