Reigniting Your Love for the lost.

This is the you version of Kim Meeders new book coming out in May.

This is today’s devotional.

Some of the greatest threats of personal revival are pride and complacency. We can become so prideful that it is easy to believe we do not need to follow Him any more than we currently are.

True redemption, however, equals a true change of direction. And the true change of direction we wish to see in the world begins with our hearts first.

Indeed, God continues to call those who are still listening.

It is time to advance forward into My perfect plan. It is time to fly into the realm for which you were created. I am sending you out into the blackness. I am sending you into the world . . . to transform it for My glory. Beloved, it is time to leap into all you were created for.

Revival is reawakened within a heart when it chooses to:

• Embrace freedom by breaking the boomerang of the past

• Pursue God by getting in the truck of His presence

• See the unseen with the Father’s love

Revival is restored within a soul when it chooses to:

• Trust that Jesus will never, ever let go

• Abide in faith and not be faithless any longer

• Engage worship to break off the enemy’s attacks

• Pursue forgiveness by letting that junk go

Revival is renewed within a mind when it chooses to:

• Stop serving God with a spiritual flat tire and obey Him

• Allow belief to become breakthrough

• Radiate joy, the hallmark of the redeemed

• Pursue purity to see God’s face

Revival is reinforced into strength when it chooses to lean into:

• Courage over being scared—which allows the enemy to win

• Standing firm, knowing the enemy might start the fight, but Jesus always finishes it

• Genuine discernment, which begins with genuine listening

Revival is fully understanding the power of your testimony. It is reliance on inviting the Holy Spirit to lead intentionally. It is choosing to live for God alone and reaching for those struggling in the deep water while not getting entangled in the ropes of wreckage. Revival begins when one chooses to be clothed with the very presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let today . . . be that day.

Prayer: Jesus, every revival starts the same way. Each one is fueled by love—love for You alone. Today, I commit with all that I am to embrace the transforming fire that is Your presence. Let Your revival rise in me. Amen.

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