Not taking things for granted

I’m learning as I get older in life not to take things for granted. Life is so precious. Today I hung out with my dad. I was unsure what my dad would be like but I had forgotten how much I love to hang out with this guy. He’s the one who stayed up late to help me write my essays on high school. He helped me write a lot of them. I told him all that writing now has helped give me my love for writing today. I get excited about words.

This is the guy who taught me so much growing up. He’s a wealth of information. Today he taught me what words meant and showed me around his neighbourhood. He showed me what was important to him. I listened and we shared good laughs together. We read and talkef about the Magazine he loves about history and Canada.

I love this man so much and I’m at thankful and grateful for all he has taught me growing up and what he still teaches me today. We chatted today about things I Remember with him the boats and fifth wheels he owned and all the adventures he’s been on. This man has been the father I never had. He taught me so much and I’m blessed to have him in my life. Just because he’s losing his short term memory doesn’t mean I can’t still learn from him.

Today made me realize that. It was fun hanging out with you. I’m looking forward to our next time and our next adventure. That’s why life is so precious and we must never take it for granted.

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